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Home school agreement 2023-24

Home School Agreement 2023-2024

At Co-op Academy Beckfield we are committed to developing a positive partnership between home and school. We provide a safe and caring environment for all our community. We challenge and support all our pupils to be the best that they can be and provide them with the foundations to be successful in school and beyond.

To achieve this our staff will:

  • have high expectations of themselves and others in their daily work and for their future.  
  • work hard to reduce educational disadvantage by providing engaging, challenging, well planned teaching that enables children to develop as confident learners.  
  • ensure teaching provides opportunities for children to develop and demonstrate the characteristics of a good learner.
  • provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils academic, physical, social and emotional development and wellbeing.  
  • provide appropriate home learning opportunities.
  • teach children the importance of right and wrong and help them develop as caring and responsible citizens.  
  • teach children how to keep themselves safe and healthy.  
  • treat children, parents and carers with respect regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, ability, disability.  
  • apply co-operative and ethical values in all our work.

Our children will:

  • come to school on time every day (unless too unwell), work hard and try their best at all times.
  • follow all our school rules and expectations.
  • have high expectations of themselves and others in their daily work and for their future.  
  • be resilient and understand that sometimes things are difficult but that hard work and perseverance will be rewarded with success.  
  • respect themselves, each other, our school and our world.

Our parents and carers will:

  • ensure their child attends school on time every day (unless too unwell).
  • ensure their child comes equipped and prepared to learn in full school uniform and with their PE/swimming kit on the days it is needed.
  • ensure their child/children completes any homework and supports daily reading activities.
  • play an active part in the life of the academy, joining events, assemblies, celebrations, parents’ evenings and learning how to support their child/children academically.
  • support and help their child/children to follow the school rules and develop as caring and responsible citizens.
  • accept and support the school’s policies including the consequences their child/children may receive.
  • support and encourage their child/children to work hard and try their best
  • help staff prepare children to enter their next stage of schooling with confidence and excitement.  
  • share any concerns or worries that may affect children’s learning, health, social and emotional wellbeing.

Our Governors will:

  • hold school leaders to account for providing the best education experiences and outcomes
  • support and challenge the school leaders in meeting their responsibilities and ensure they provide a safe learning environment for all
  • ensure the school is efficient and effective, promoting the highest educational aspirations and outcomes for all its children.  
  • ensure the school’s finances are well managed.

School Rules:

1.  We listen to each other and do what we’re asked to.

2. We look after our school and each other.

3. We show respect when we talk.

4. We always do our best and help others to learn and play.

5. We are safe and sensible.

Reviewed December 2023

Approved by the AGC TBC

Home School Agreement