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Curriculum Intent

We have carefully designed our curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils, whilst covering the full scope of the National Curriculum.

Our goal for all pupils is to extend their opportunities, raise their aspirations and open their eyes to the magic of learning.


We understand that pupils’ language and literacy skills are a key determiner of their future success. As such, we have put language, literature and vocabulary at the heart of our curriculum. We plan for ambitious vocabulary to be taught across the curriculum. We also put a high emphasis on dialogic teaching, meaning children have plentiful opportunities to discuss and debate their views. Carefully chosen, high-quality texts form the backbone of our teaching, as we want our children to develop a real love of reading and an awareness of what a vital life skill this is.

Through our curriculum, we prioritise pupils’ moral development. We are passionate about our children having the courage to make the right moral choices, regardless of who is watching. Our pupils are predominantly of White British heritage and, therefore, we place real importance on teaching pupils about different faiths and cultures. Similarly, we are passionate about pupils valuing diversity and understanding discrimination and stereotyping. Opportunities for pupils’ moral development are prioritised through: our history curriculum (where pupils learn about equalities and discrimination in various periods); our PSHE curriculum; our book choices (which contain moral dilemmas and pertinent issues) and through exposure to carefully selected role models.

Our academy is located between two contrasting cities. Bradford is identified as having one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Leeds is one of the biggest employment centres in the country, offering a hugely diverse range of job opportunities. Through the curriculum, we teach pupils about a range of careers, including the opportunities within our region. We have also carefully selected diverse role models (past and present) to inspire our pupils to achieve highly and make a valuable contribution.

We are committed to pupils’ personal development. To this end, we supplement lessons with educational visits, extra curricular opportunities and other enhancements. By helping pupils discover their talents and interests, we can show them what success means and feels like for them. This, as well as a highly aspirational and well-planned curriculum, will ensure that children leave Co-op Academy Beckfield having the knowledge and skills to be successful in their next stage in life and beyond.